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एक पौधा, एक संकल्प!!!

We know the cities are the most polluted an populated place as compared to villages. We hear everyday about our nature by News or by other means. But we are not trying to reduce pollution. Pollution going on increasing day-to-day.


"Vruksh Dindi" project was initiated to create awareness of planting trees to reduce pollution.

What happened?

•A huge crowd had came on that day to take this initiative and they had also prepared many slogan to create awareness. •A rally was formed from that huge crowd. •This rally were gone from Birla college to Subhash Maidan by walk. •They wholly created a great scenario which helped us to create awareness impactfully. •After reaching to Subhash Maidan our Mentor 'Ganesh kumavat' with president of 'Rotary Club' planted trees and watered them.

Project Execution:- 'Vruksh Dindi' project was conducted by 'PR & Marketing Directors' on 26th August,2019.

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