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Form Making

'Form making' is an ambition by professional development director and web communication director of RC Birla.

Aim:- To make people understand the importance of Google forms in the corporate world or in daily life and help them to create it.


As we can't meet face to face. The session was conducted online on zoom application. The project was executed on 9th July 2020 at 10 am sharp. The speaker of the session was Rtr. Soham Kulkarni. He is Chairman HRD for the year 2019-20. He initiated the session by showing a PowerPoint presentation and gave detailed instructions about the google form. After that, he shared his screen and taught us the actual process of making a google form.

After completing the session, the speaker asked the participants to make a feedback form as an activity to check whether they had any doubts or not.

The participants created forms and sent them to the WhatsApp group.

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