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This project was conducted by the "Public Relations and Marketing Avenue" of RC Birla College on July 11, 2022.

(i) We started the project with a school prayer.

(ii) After we settled students down, we announced the poster-making competition in the higher classes and gathered all the participants in a classroom. The president, vice president, and chairperson introduced themselves to the students.

(iii) Then we started interacting with the students and started asking questions about the population and measures to control it. The students were answering our questions.

(iv) After interacting with the students, we launched the competition at 8.40 a.m., giving them one hour to complete the poster.

(v) We helped the students by telling them what they could draw. Some studen

ts have already started to draw something creative.

(vi) Some students needed more time after the time limit expired. We gave them an extra ten minutes and helped them complete the drawing.

(vii) At 10 a.m., we collected all the posters before announcing the results. We did some activities such as acting, dancing, and singing.

(viii) We announced two winners and distributed certificates and chocolates to all participants.

(ix) We conducted street interviews with college students and others to learn about their perspectives on population growth.

(x) Everyone answered our questions from a different point of view. We were asking them about the common problems related to the increase in population.

(xi) We then went to another school, MJB Kanya Vidyalaya, to hold activities and conduct the poster-making competition.

(xii) We gave a speech about the growing population and the issues surrounding resources and land.

(xiii) We asked students questions and helped them understand the importance of population control in today's world.

(xiv) We began with a competition in which students expressed their opinions on drawing.

(xv) We gave them about one hour to complete their drawing. After one hour, we collected all the drawings from students and selected the best drawing, which gave a message about the problem relating to the population.

(xvi) We gave certificates to the winners and chocolates to the participants. We end our project with students' cheerful faces.

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