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This project was conducted by the "Editorial Avenue" of RC Birla College on September 14, 2022.

The main aim is to enhance and develop the writing skill as well as help sustain good communication skills. The concept is an essay writing competition.

1. Directors discussed the project idea with the past year's director for add-ups.

2. After all the add-on project ideas were proposed to the president and the team advisory got approval for the same,

3. PR and JPEG content was given to the secretary and creative directors, who received it within a day.

4. A registration link and groups were made for participants, and judges were invited.

5. The director explained the project to the vertical heads.

• On September 14, 2022, the project started.

• The editorial director and the team arrived half an hour early to arrange everything.

• The project started with the collaring of the president.

• The editorial director introduced himself and explained the Lekhak project.

• Topics for the competition were: Hindi Hamari Shaan, Bharat Ke Suvarna 75 varsh, The journey of faith and life posts covid-19.

• There were a total of 32 students participating in the competition.

• After the two-hour competition was successfully ended, participants enjoyed it.

• The editorial director thanked everyone who was present there.

• The project ended with a sec announcement.

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