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Lumère 🪔

This project was conducted by the "Entrepreneurship Development Avenue" of RC Birla College on October 18- October 22, 2022.

To raise money by selling Diya and lanterns.

The Project was scheduled for 4 consecutive days which are as follows :

• We meet at B.K. Birla College in the IT building on October 18th at 10:30 AM to set up a booth opposite M-Power, and we then start selling diya. We reach our maximum sales on the first day.

• We assemble at B.K. on October 19 at 10:30 AM. We set up a stall inside Birla College's IT building to take orders from teachers and students. Both teachers and students place the majority of our orders.

• Teachers appreciate it when we deliver orders to them on October 20th.

• When we opened for orders again on October 21st, we received positive responses this time as well. We then distributed the orders of the students.

• On October 22nd, we deliver the remaining orders and present the leftover Diya to the community directors for their charitable endeavours.

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