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Thirst Burst

• World without birds.... Can you imagine that accursed nightmare?

• How strange it would be to wake up to a world with an eerie silence.

This project "Thirst Burst" was an ISD initiative conducted by Rc Birla along with Rc of Ulhasnagar Sapna Garden from 14th March, 2020 to 22nd March, 2020.


•To feed all the birds whose numbers are lacking due to starving.

• To create an awareness among society that how birds are getting faded due to their nescient behaviour towards the birds.

Steps Taken:

• The main intent of conducting this project was to feed all the birds roaming near by locality.

• Birds who are versatile in nature are abruptly lacking day by day is really fumbler incubus.

• So, this project was started with the pursuit of installation of atleast two pots near by area.

• All the members had to refill the pots on timely basis.

• Then they need to click the picture of pots filled with water & send it to us.

• This project was an enlightenment of humanity for birds.

• With this bloosoming biz we posted the pictures on our club's official page.

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