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AUGUST : Finding the Glory Path

Rotaract Club of B. K. Birla College Monthly Newsletter - August 2023

Taking a ride through the August month, it was a month filled with royal, empowering, and heart-warming projects.

Shahi Virasat- The 15th Installation Ceremony

Dressed up in royal attires and huge smiles, the Team 2023-24 of Rotaract Club of B. K. Birla College were officially inducted on 5th August, 2023. The event witnessed beautiful performances and inspiring speeches. The upcoming team was filled with anticipation and joy whereas the outgoing team reminisced the memories of their residential year. This event, a cinematic experience indeed, was graced with 170 attendees and their warm wishes.


Stree Safe was an empowering initiative, under the Professional Development and Public Relations and Marketing Avenues. This project was conducted on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day with the aim of making the girls in our society feel not only safe, but also brave. In this project, the participants were taught how to defend themselves with actual practical tricks and encouraged to practice the same with the opponent participants. The project was a huge success with a grand total of 302 attendees.


unEXPRESSed was a project with the aim of giving the people a platform to express their unexpressed thoughts and feelings. It was conducted under the Editorial Avenue from 12th August to 25th August. This project had four topics based on which the participants had to submit their articles through an online submission form. The idea of expressing their thoughts on appealing topics like Dear Stranger and Monsoon melodies was loved by the audience as it resulted into a great response.

Suraksha ka Bandhan 8.0

This was the flagship project and was carried out under the Community Service Avenue. It was a project to support and appreciate the efforts of the Frontline workers like the Police Officers as well as the Firefighters by celebrating the occasion of Rakshabandhan with them. An extra milestone was achieved this year by the addition of tying rakhis to the blind people who work at a factory as well as the children of an orphanage. The project was filled with laughter, tears of joy and some inspiring stories told by the brave men and women. The project witnessed a count of 331 participants who came together for this beautiful cause.

Threads of Love.

This was a Rakhi selling initiative by the Entrepreneurship Development Directors conducted from 15th August till 30th August. The aim of the project was to empower the children of the orphanages who made the rakhis as a fun activity. To make the rakhis accessible to everyone, the project was taken to the online platform as well. The sheer joy of enjoying art and craft was seen on the children’s faces. Hearing about it, the smiles were passed on to the buyer’s faces as well.

Pixel Perfection

This was a project conducted under the Digital Communications and Creative Avenue. It was a photography contest with a wide spectrum of topics like College Campus, Street Food, Emotions and Architecture. The project was conducted online from 17th August to 31st August. The variety of topics offered all types of photographers a chance to participate in the competition. The project was a huge success with a count of 50 entries.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and events from the Rotaract Club of B.K. Birla College in the coming months!

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