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SEPTEMBER: Embracing the newer opportunities

Rotaract Club of B. K. Birla College Monthly Newsletter - September 2023

PLAS-PICK : PR & Marketing Initiative

This was an initiative conducted on the 10th September, 2023 to create awareness about the pollution caused due to the excessive use of Plastic and alternate measures to reduce the waste. The participants gathered to collect waste from the college premises. Separate arrangements were made for paper waste and plastic waste.

This project aimed to minimize the effect of plastic on the environment by collecting the waste and promoting environmental sustainability. It also emphasized on using alternative resources for daily use. Plastic is a major threat to the world. It not only causes soil pollution and water pollution, but also poses a threat to the aquatic life. We find reports of plastic waste found in the digestive systems of aquatic animals which causes their death. Furthermore, animals like dogs, cats and cows who search for food on streets and public dustbins consume large quantities of plastic which proves to be fatal.


This project, promoted the collection of plastic from our surroundings and disposing it off at the right places. Rotaract aims to promote Community Service and this was a great step towards the motto. We educated the participants on the harmful effects of plastic and its alternative resources. The 3R mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle was also highlighted by the Chairpersons. The project ended with the successful collection of 5Kgs of Plastic.



In the bustling month of September, the Rotaract Club of B. K. Birla College, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Kalyan, undertook a commendable project focusing on Traffic Management and Nirmalya Collection during the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Visarjan.

The Partner-In-Service Avenue project aimed to assist authorities in efficiently handling the large crowds gathered at Ganesh Ghat, ensuring a smooth and safe experience for everyone involved. The team focused on managing the traffic, dealing with a lot of people and vehicles. RC Birla’s team, along with the Rotary Club of Kalyan, worked closely with local authorities to keep everything organized. By planning well and working together, the team made sure everyone stayed safe and the event went off without a hitch.

One key aspect of the initiative was the emphasis on eco-friendliness through Nirmalya collection. The team recognized the importance of environmental sustainability and took proactive measures to collect Nirmalya, the ceremonial offerings. This not only helped maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings but also promoted a sense of responsibility towards the environment among the participants and onlookers.

Through their efforts, the team not only facilitated a seamless Ganesh Visarjan experience but also promoted eco-friendliness, leaving a lasting impact on both the community and the environment.


In an era driven by the digital landscape, the Rotaract Club of B. K. Birla College has taken a significant step towards enhancing its online presence and user experience. The Club recently unveiled its revamped website, complete with a new user interface and an array of exciting features. This relaunch is a testament to the Club's commitment to effectively communicate its mission, values, and achievements while fostering a sense of community among its members and supporters.The website's home page serves as the digital welcome mat for visitors. It encapsulates the essence of the Rotaract Club of B. K. Birla College's mission: "Transforming the youth through values." Here, visitors are greeted with the Club's 'Best Rotaractors of the Month' and are introduced to the guiding principles of Rotary through 'The Four-Way Test.' This test questions whether actions are truthful, fair to all concerned, build goodwill and better friendships, and are beneficial to all concerned. The 'Support Our Causes' section emphasizes the Club's commitment to giving back to the community through donations.


The 'About Us' section delves deep into the Club's history, proudly highlighting 55 years of Rotaract excellence. It provides insight into who the Club members are and presents the Club's vision and mission, giving users a comprehensive understanding of the Club's core values and objectives.


The 'Leaders' tab profiles the advisory team, executive committee, and board of directors, showcasing the individuals who drive the Club's activities and projects. In addition, the legacy of 14 past presidents and secretaries serves as a reminder of the Club's strong foundation and enduring commitment to its ideals. The 'Achievements' section is a two-fold display of excellence. It recognizes the accomplishments of Rotaractors within the Club and celebrates personal achievements of Rotaractors outside the Rotaract sphere. This highlights the holistic development fostered by the Club.


Engaging Rotaractors and visitors, the 'Activities' tab offers games and quizzes, fostering a sense of fun and learning. It is a place to both challenge and enjoy for those who seek a little extra excitement. The 'Communis' section is the hub for staying updated with the Club's latest happenings. It hosts the quarterly Club bulletin, monthly newsletter, and blogs, ensuring that visitors are well-informed about the Club's ongoing initiatives and accomplishments.


Transparency and accountability are at the core of the Rotaract Club of B. K. Birla College's values. The 'Club Level Reporting' section provides access to project reports and finance reports, fostering trust and transparency with supporters and the community. The 'Gallery' is a visual feast, capturing the Club's memorable moments, projects, and events through photographs. It is a testament to the Club's active and vibrant journey. The 'Connect Us' and 'Social Media Presence' sections ensure that visitors can easily contact the Club and stay connected through various social media channels.


 This revamped website is not just a digital platform but a reflection of the Rotaract Club of B. K. Birla College's values, mission, and commitment to the community. It invites visitors to explore, engage, and be a part of the Club's journey in transforming the youth through values. It opens a new chapter in the Club's digital journey and promises an enriching experience for all who visit. The Rotaract Club of B. K. Birla College's website stands as a beacon of transparency, engagement, and community-building, reflecting the Club's unwavering commitment to its ideals.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and events from the Rotaract Club of B.K. Birla College in the coming months!

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