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Digital Marketing and Training programme

Digital Marketing and Training programme.

Aim:- To provide knowledge related digital marketing to make this time fruitful.


As we all are looking for getting new knowledge digitally. This is the time mostly students are getting more time to gain some knowledge. So, our webcom directors initiated this project to create a great opportunity for us.

Steps taken:-

Our Webcom chief, Rtr. Dheeraj Shekhawat prepared our members about what is Digital Marketing and other specialized things identified with google promotions and YouTube So he prepared us in:

• Introduction to Digital Marketing.

• YouTube.

• Google promotions show confirmation.

• Brainstorming meeting.

• Google confirmation.

On first meeting, webcom executives educated us regarding Introduction to Digital Marketing. In this, they made mindful us about the base of Digital Marketing which includes the stages for publicizing or how promotions have been set, how the organizations focus on their crowd and how it performs for ventures.

On second meeting, webcom executives showed us YouTube subtleties

•Revenue investigation and detailing.

•Assest enhancement for Revenue.

On third meeting, the webcom executives showed we all:-

• Google Ads show Certification In this, we will learn:

• Grow your business with Google advertisements.

• Indentify battle types on Google Display Ads.

• Reach clients on Google Display Ads.

• Increase effectiveness with computerized offering.

• Deliver the correct message on Google Display Ads.

• Increase transformations with execution organizer.

On fourth meeting, that was Brainstorming meeting. This meeting will be the last meeting where we will assemble all our insight dominate and will place it in the constant circumstance and will be Knowing the impacts of it on the business. • How to begin business on the web? • what will be the variables affecting the Digital Business?

On fifth meeting, Wherein the webcom executives instructed them about Digital Marketing Training program (DMTP). which would be colossally helpful in their future.

• Google Certification All the understudies who will finish the will be given Google evaluation test. When you will pass that appraisal will procure a Google Certificate.

Project Execution:-

This project was conducted by our webcom directors on 26th May, 2020.

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