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This project was conducted by the "Digital Communications & Creatives Avenue" of RC Birla College on August 19th - 21st, 2022.

To enhance the photography skills of the participants and organize a friendly competition for them. To showcase and appreciate their talent for photography among the participants by conducting an online competition of their beautiful photographs.

1) Team Digital Communications began project promotion with a game called "Guess the Photography Style," in which players had to determine which photography style was correct after receiving photographs of several photography styles from our chairwoman.

2) Following a positive response, the activity was submitted together with the PR message and a JPEG of the "Picturesque" project.

3) The PR message was sent to each official Rotaract group. The PR letter included contained a link to the WhatsApp group and a signup form. The group expanded as additional people showed an interest in learning more.

The "PICTURESQUE" project required participants to shoot photos and transmit them to us.

The five photography topics we offered for this competition were as follows:

1. Sky photography

2. Neon Trails

3. Architectural photography

4. Macro photography

5. Reflective photography

5) On our official Instagram page, a two-day contest with one round of jpegs and project-related PR was published.

6) Rtr. Mayuri Shinde (Zonal Team Creatives of Zone 3) selected the top five submissions as our judge.

7) A total of 130 pictures were submitted.

8) On the second day, our chairpersons posted a story on Instagram announcing the outcomes.

9) All winners and participants received e-certificates.

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