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What changed and what didn't change in this one year of a pandemic?

It's been one year that we are facing this pandemic. March 2021 marks one year of the declaration of the Covid 19 pandemic by the World Health Organization. Well, several sectors are harshly affected by lockdown.

Again, India went into a lockdown it is facing a second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. Several sectors are harshly affected by the lockdown.

Let's have a look at some of them:-

Though schools and universities had started taking online lectures. But the efficiency of studies is not what it used to be since people were not used to the new requirements. At home, there is a distraction and the classroom environment cannot be created easily. The digital divide impacted the poor. They did not have access to Wi-Fi/Internet or did not have the devices. 

Children simply dropped out of the schools since parents either migrated back to their villages or could not afford to pay the fees. Also, attention span is limited as they can't sit in one place for hours on a small screen.

During the lockdown, an estimated 14 crore people lost employment while salaries were cut for many others. More than 45% of households across the nation have reported an income drop as compared to the previous year.  A large number of farmers around the country who grow perishables also faced uncertainty.

India consists of a largely unorganised sector with 94% of the employment and 45% of the output. This sector was the worst hit since it works with small amounts of capital, has low wages and little saving. Several issues arise. Vaccination started. Despite a massive vaccination drive, why are the numbers rising steeply?

Massive protests, election rallies and Kumbh since early 2021 have aggravated the situation. As the number of infections declined, people stopped using masks or used them casually. They took the social distancing rules for granted. Now people are blaming the government for conducting rallies. But it's up to the common people. They should ask themselves that why do they need to risk their life by stepping out of your home and being a part of a social gathering. They should have a sense of commitment to stay safe at their home.

So please don't risk your life.

Stay home.

Stay safe.

Source of data and pictures- Google.

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