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Express to Connect

This project is basically based on how one can express their words through action that can help to connect each and every person. Training of these action was done at 'LIP.PEN.LE.SEN' Project.

AIM:- The aim of this project is to connect each and every person and there should not be any feelings for difference.

WHAT HAPPENED? • In the project 'LIP.PEN.LE.SEN' ,all actions were taught by our vice president ''Rutuja Bhosale". Those action every member have to express in a short video.

• Every member have to make video and in that video they have to say their name through actions.

• 3 days were given to make this short videos. • Our team & members was participated and made videos very efficiently and submitted to our directors.

• From our members and team, who made the best video that was posted on our Instagram page rcbirla_.

• This helped us to connect with those people who are deaf or who cannot speak.

PROJECT EXECUTION:- This project was conducted by our Directors on 2019.

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