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Linguistic Teaching

Are you also the one who loves to learn new things? Would you like to learn the basics of various languages?You must be wondering that why we are continuously asking about learning new things, various languages etc etc.

So, here Rc Birla is up with an Editorial initiative "Linguistic Teaching" conducted on 5th May, 2020.


• To provide basic knowledge related to various languages.

Steps Taken:

• The most important part of any language is to communicate properly.

• In order to communicate successfully, one needs a language that should be understood by the people.

• So, in order to provide knowledge about various languages we conducted this project called "Linguistic Teaching"

• This project was an online project where in we arranged the speakers for different languages in which they are fluent.

• We selected Tamil, Bengali, Gujrati, Marwadi & Tulu language for completion of this project.

• All the speakers of respective languages were given the guidance in prior that what contents video should include while making the videos.

• With this we recieved the videos for respective languages.

• All these videos were got posted on our club's official page on Instagram & Facebook.

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