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Not Now Then When

•As now of we have seen many cases where women's are dominated. • From years by year we are listening that womens are also having equal rights & powers to take stand for them but because of some people with a corrupt mindset, certain wrong events are happening which is definitely punishable. So, in order to spread awareness amongst people "Webcom Avenue" of Rc Birla conducted the project " Not Now Then When" on 2nd December, 2019 at BK Birla college. Project Name: Not Now Then When Purpose : • To change the mindset of corrupt people. • To spread awareness amongst people. Project Execution: • This project "Not Now Then When" was conducted at BK Birla college. • All the team members were told to write some lines showing their views for those people who feel womens are dolls. • One hastag #notnowthenwhen was created which gives awareness which was written by all of us. • Every team members clicked photos with their views. • We received great response from team members. • After that all the pictures were posted on Instagram page of RC birla

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