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Have you ever played the game four pic one word? Are you the one who likes to play tricky games? Are you good at guessing? So, here "Editorial Avenue" of RC Birla conducted the project Pictionary on 26th January, 2020 from 9:30 pm Purpose: • To improve the thinking capacity. • To check the observation skills. Project Execution: • This project was started on 26th January, 2020 at sharp 9:30 pm. • Pictionary was the project conducted by the editorial Avenue. •Wherein, we used to send a picture containing 4 pics & all the participants had to guess the correct answer in a single word. • Before getting the project started we shared the certain rules & regulations & criteria for the points. • The criteria for the points was as follows: •1st correct ans: 100 points •2nd correct ans: 80 points •3rd correct ans: 60 points •From the 4th correct ans: 50 points • After that we disclosed the first picture & participants had started answering. •Continuing like this we sent maximum seven pictures & were getting great response from the participants side. • With this we ended the project & top 5 winners were announced along with the points they had scored. • After that picture of top five winners were posted on Instagram page of Rc Birla by congratulating them for securing the Highest points. • The total attendance of this project was 40 (club rotaractors)

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