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Sangharsh 2.0

Do you know which qualities & abilities an entrepreneur should have with him/her? Did you know what difficulties/ problems they have faced in establishment of their business? Who is your role model as an entrepreneur? You must be wondering why we are continuously asking about the "Entrepreneur", "Business" etc. So here an " Entrepreneurship Development Avenue" of Rc Birla has came up with an amazing project "Sangharsh 2.0" conducted on 2nd December,2019. Project Name: " Sangharsh 2.0" Purpose: • This project was mainly conducted aiming to show the struggles of small growing entrepreneurs. Project Execution: • This project was mainly conducted for the GBM'S to make them aware about the Entrepreneurship skills. • Before conducting the project the meet was conducted where in GBM'S were already explained that what or which type of questions they should ask to those small growing entrepreneurs. • GBM'S were told in prior itself that they have to get a short video of that question & answering session. • So, for their comfort teams were formed which was leading to build communication skills & team spirit amongst them. • There was a positive & energetic response from members side. • Members were asked to submit the video till 6th December, 2019 • More than 10 videos we had received from the members & we have posted it same on our Instagram page. • Attendance: Home club : 60

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