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This project was conducted by the "Partner In Service Avenue" of RC Birla College on October 04, 2022.

1. So, almost every public place has been ruined by red spit marks as several people consume tobacco and nicotine products.

2. Hence, we collaborated with the company SAFETHOO and they introduced us to their pouch through which we can save the beauty of such public locations.


A) It converts spit into gel

B) fresh fragrance

C) Anti-bacterial

3. Rotaractors and Rotary members were asked to be present on time near Kalyan railway station.

4. Initially, we discussed how everything is going to work with better efficiency.

5. We firstly started with a short rally from the start of the station to the end where we created awareness through the posters which were prepared by the interactors and rotary.

6. Once everyone was gathered after the rally we then made few groups and selected some major spots where we were going to exhibit the product.

7. We started the project sharp at 10:30 am after all the preparations.

8. So, members met a lot of people who were interested in this campaign and product. Furthermore, we explained everything thoroughly to the people who were captivated by this.

9. We even distributed samples of the product so that they can try it.

10. Project ended at 12:45 pm with the final discussion with Rotary Club.

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