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Aim:- To make people remember about their every cherishable and happy moment they spent in these years of Rotaract.


As we as a whole individual from the Rotaract club had a great time throughtout the year by doing ventures in the club, taking part in District ventures, and those late practice meeting for the exhibitions in the activities those valuable minutes. For getting a sneakpeak, of those insane recollections, minutes, arrangements for ventures the daybefore and the minutes made with whom was unique. To cherrish those minutes and recall those days and to recollect those with whom they are made.

Steps taken:-

1. We made the features through which they could recall there second. for example:- Tag your Rotaract guru.

2. All the features are made which are identified with rotaract and their recollections.

3. We utilized our most drawn in stage to post the features.

4. In the wake of posting the feature everyone is advised to tag there extraordinary individual with whom they made.

Project Execution:-

This project was conducted from 27th May, 2020 to 31st May, 2020.

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