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Turn Imagination into Reality

As we all love to watch cartoons. Age doesn't matter for watching cartoons. People love to watch cartoons as it reduces stress & make us remember about our childhood. We had ever imagined that this character resemble me in some way. So, we came with this idea that they can share their imagination that they really see in them.

Aim:- To check their observerance skills of their favorite cartoon character.

Steps taken:-

  1. Wherein, we had informed our gbms and team members about the project 2 days in prior.

  2. We had shared PR messages with them.

  3. We had seen many people as they feel connected to the cartoon characters. So, we had told them to express their feelings towards their feelings towards their favorite character which resembles to their quality along with the picture of that cartoon character.

  4. On 31st January 2020, at sharp 11 a.m. we had started this project.

Project Execution:-

This project was conducted on 31st January 2020 at 11 a.m.

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