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Anokha Bandhan 2.0

Updated: May 26, 2020


• To provide handmade rakhi's to the customers.

• To Generate funds for the benefit of the club.

Project execution:

The project "Anokha Bandhan 2.0" was conducted by an "Entrepreneurship Development" Avenue of Rotaract club of Birla college from 30th July to 12th August at Bk Birla college.

Steps Taken:

•The customized photo rakhis had been prepared by the ED directors & team as per the orders costing Rs10/-, Rs 20/-, Rs 25/-, Rs 35/-. Out of which we were getting more orders for photo Rakhi( Rs 35/-)

• OC's were appointed who used to take orders for rakhis in their respective classes.

• More than 450 rakhis were sold by getting good response from all zones. We had got order from people residing in pandharpur also.

• The project was ended with a fruitful results ,earning Rs 3369/- as profit. Where the Expenditures were costing Rs 3100/- & Total Income was Rs. 6669/-

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