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"Because they Can't Speak for Themselves"

This project was conducted by an "International Service Avenue" of Rc Birla college on 3rd January,2020.


• To spread awareness for conserving wild life amongst the society.

• To attract attention of people through digital posters.

Project Execution:

• This project was conducted on the occasion of world wildlife day.

• The thing that really strucks us with animals that they can't speak up for themselves. They also communicate & have emotions & language between each other.

• But they can't tell us when we are being unjust or when they are in fear.

• This project was conducted online amongst the team members & GBM's.

• Certain guidelines were framed by the directors which all the participants had to follow.

• The post which fulfilled all the criteria were got selected.

• We received lots of postures out of which six got selected & were posted on official account of club.

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