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Blessings from Heaven

Did you have ever made efforts in bringing a smile on someone's face? How does it feels when you recalls your that mischievous childhood memories? An orphanage is a place /home for those children's who are not living with their parents or who don't have their parents. So, here an "International Service Avenue" of RC Birla has came up with an ISD initiative "Blessings from heaven" conducted on 20th November, 2019 at "Nandeep Foundation, kolsewadi, Kalyan (E) from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Project name: Blessings from heaven Purpose: • To spent a memorable time with the orphanage children's. • To celebrate Universal children's day. • To provide them some basic necessary things such as clothes, sanitary napkins, biscuits, cake etc. Project Execution: • At very first GBM'S & team members were asked to bring some clothes & accesories which are not of their use. • After that we had gathered all the things which we were going to distribute in orphanage . • The things which were brought to be donated includes clothes, sanitary napkins, accesories, biscuits, cake etc. • We had started the project with the interaction session. • After that the children's of orphanage were asked to perform any kind of talent they wish to showcase. • It was hilarious moments on seeing the excitement & blissful energy of those children's. • We also had self defence session for the orphanage girls & it was lovely to see that they were loving this session a lot. • After that the team members were divided into two groups & they had performed a small skit relating to child labour etc. • With this we had ended the after the distribution of snacks to the orphanage children's. • Attendance for the project was: Team - 30 GBM - 01

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