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This project was conducted by the "Webcom Avenue" of RC Birla on 1st May, 2020.


• To Relive the moments from movies & series.

• To make members active.

• To provide the platform to the participants to showcase their talent through their acting.

Steps Taken:

• This project was conducted by the Webcom Avenue of RC Birla.

• This project was consisting of two rounds.

• Wherein, the first round was about filming the any famous dialogues of any movie or series.

• Directors organised the battle round for the same.

• We recieved almost 22 videos out of which top 11 got selected for the next round.

• Judges were going to decide the ultimate winner those who have qualified for the next round.

• This round was conducted on WhatsApp group chat, where judges had given the any random famous dialogues to the participants & they had to perform the acting for the same.

• Continuing the part, judges had decided the top 6 winners & were got posted on club's official page.

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