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Dream Creation

It is a project related to a jpeg making tutorials. It is intimated by the Directors. Now-a-days, long paragraphs people don't read carefully but a visual jpeg can give those messages which is equivalent to a long paragraphs message.


The aim of the project is to teach basic ideas about 'how to make a jpeg', posters or banners on mobile itself.

Steps taken:-

  1. Firstly, they send the PR message and made a separate group for those who have interest in jpeg making.

  2. They started to teach on 26th January at 12 p.m. and made other understand how to make a jpeg.

  3. They cleared all doubts by sharing jpeg making video as audio visual is the best medium to make everyone aware.

  4. Then they taught us one topic for that we all had made a jpeg we can call it as jpeg making test on that topic.

  5. We all had made jpeg on that topic and submitted to the chairperson at a stipulated time frame..

  6. Top 5 jpegs which was more attractive to create an awareness were selected and posted on our Instagram handle rcbirla_ page.

Project Execution:-

This project was conducted on 26th January at 12 p.m. it is the online project designed to be conducted in phases.

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