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Feel The Need

This project was conducted by an "International Service Avenue" of RC Birla along with Rc Patalganga on 22nd May, 2020 from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.


• To provide food & water to stray animals during this pandemic situation.

• To reduce the deaths of stray animals due to starvation.

Steps Taken:

• As during this pandemic situation asunder of animals are not getting proper sustention.

• These animals are in danger of being cut off from their main source of food.

• As an umpteen of animals are largely dependent on garbage & left over food from restaurants, canteens etc. all of which have been shut down.

• So, in order to feed those stray dogs & feral cats this project was conducted.

• Wherein, both the clubs fed these stray animals with biscuits or milk.

• This was the small step to take care of the several starving stray animals.

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