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Fun Fair Food

Every mankind on this earth requires food to survive. Food contains the nutrition that people & animal needs to be healthy as food contains proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, water & minerals. No one can live without food.


• To celebrate World Food Day.

• To Increase bondings between Team members & GBM's.

Project Execution:

The project " Fun Fair Food" was conducted by the "International Service Avenue" on 16th October,2019 at B.k. Birla college from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Steps taken:

• Firstly we had arranged the venue for the project.

• All the GBM's were divided into team. Each team was consisting of 7 members.

• All the GBM's were asked to bring different food & they have to mention the speciality of their food.

• Every member was very keen & curious about this project.

• Total 9 teams were formed.

• From every Avenue one director was selected & was blind folded.

• The most fun & interesting element was that the BOD was selected to taste the food & guess which food they have eaten as they were blind folded.

• The food which they have tasted & answered correctly they would became the coordinator for that team.

• There was the quiz competition also played, the GBM's who answered the quiz questions were eligible for next surprise competition that is Pani Puri competition

• After that both the judges Rtr. Vinay Mahant & Rtr. Shivam Yadav had tasted the foods of all the team & derived the conclusion.

• At last the winner team & 2 runner up teams were declared.

• All the participants in each team were given participation certificates.

• At the end everyone had clicked the pictures & enjoyed the moment.

• The attendance of the project was:

GBM- 47

Team- 30

GCM- 01

Past president-01

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