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Every people have inbuild qualities in them ,the only thing is required to identify & explore their hidden quality in front of people in the best possible way. A 'kalakar' refers to how a person can make different different things in the best possible manner from the available resources. The person is required only to identify the 'kalakar' in him & then definitely he will grab the show. Project Name: "KALAKAR" Purpose: • The main aim of conducting this project was to learn optimum usage of resources. •Minimizing the wastages of available resources. Project Execution: The project "KALAKAR" was conducted by "Professional Development Avenue" on on 24th September,2019 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm at B.K. Birla college. Steps taken: • This project 'Kalakar' was conducted by Professional Development Avenue along with the help of "Women Development Cell". • The project 'kalakar' was including various competitions namely essay writing, poster making, best out of waste. • All the participants were asked to register their names first in the respective competition they wish to participate. • The prize money was kept likely, 1st prize: Rs.1500 2nd prize: Rs.1000 3rd prize: RS. 500 • There was no language barrier for essay writing competition. •Participants were free to choose & write in any language such as English, Hindi, Marathi. • Participants had designed Various beautiful posters which were greatly appreciating & were really very smooth to eyes. • Participants were given time limit criteria, where they have to make certain new & innovative thing from the available resources they were having with them. Participants were finding too much fun in this competition. • At the end of the competition the winners of all 3 competitions were announced & were rewarded with prize money. • All the winners & participants were given certificates.

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