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This project was conducted by an "International Service Avenue" of RC Birla along with Rc Patalganga on 21st May, 2020 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.


• To understand the benefits of fitness.

• To enhance the self- esteem & improve overall personality.

Steps Taken:

• One can live without good wealth but can't survive without good health.

• The session was all about knowing how active you should be & how it can help you to maintain good health & improve your overall quality of life.

• Continuing the part, there was also an utterance of fundamental rights & how it works.

• There was a brief talk on this topic as it was synoptic of moral, intellectual & spiritual development of people.

• This session was greatly worthful for the attendees.

• With this swollen biz the project was ended on time & pictures were got posted on club's official page.

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