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This project was conducted by the "Training, Revival and Sustenance Avenue" of RC Birla College on July 6, 2022.

The chairperson introduced themselves and explained the purpose of the project.

Although participants were already familiar with each other, at the beginning of the training session, current team members introduced themselves in front of the previous year’s team.

The training session was divided into two parts: the core team and the BODs.


(i) The session started with the previous year’s TRS chair, Rtr. Komal Dharra, wherein she explained the roles of the TRS chair.

(ii) After that previous year’s Treasurer, Rtr. Sarvesh Chorghe, and Joint Treasurer, Rtr. Arpit Patel, explained the role of the Treasurers, which is to carry out fundraising projects and support the club financially.

(iii) Later on, we called upon the previous year’s Sergeant-at-Arms, Rtr. Mahima Holani. She gave us the message that the role of a Sergeant-at-Arms is to maintain orderly and dignified club meetings and projects, along with handling the grievances of the club.

(iv) Being fully informed of the year's goals and knowledgeable about them can help the vice president's job and increase team productivity. The Vice Presidents from the previous year, Rtrs. Om Thakur and Dipesh Londhe, then gave an overview of the resources available through Rotary and the community.

(v) Subsequently, President 21–22, Rtr. Sanjana Nagothi, explained that as the club leader, the president helps members develop as leaders and works to ensure the club's professional and leadership development activities.


(i) Firstly, the previous year’s club service directors, Rtr. Sahil Chopra and Rtr. Kanchan, explained the role of team club service, which is to focus on improving team bonding through projects and fun activities. They also elaborated on the importance of healthy relationships among team members.

(ii) After the previous year's community service directors introduced themselves, Rtr. Om Thakur and Rtr. Namrata explained that community service is one of rotary's avenues of service and that it encourages Rotarians to offer service to their communities.

(iii) Rtr. Aditya Mesta, the international service director from the previous year, gave an explanation of the position's responsibilities, including planning or supporting events that advance multiculturalism and international understanding.

(iv) Subsequently, we called upon the previous sports director, Rtr. Mona Chauhan. The role of the sports director is to conduct sports activities and make everyone engaged in sports.

(v) Later on, previous year's Digital Communications & Creatives directors Rtr. Vaishnav Nair, Rtr. Krunal Masurekar, and Rtr. Sarvesh Chorghe explained that digital communication is an avenue that shares the Rotaract spirit in a bright and colourful form with the world and that our Instagram feed shows that Rotaract is not only about conducting events and performing groundwork, but it is also about the joy and happiness that can come from sharing positivity.

(vi) Lastly, the activity "Flying Caps" was conducted, which explained the importance of trusting your leader and having a good bond with your teammates for achieving the goals.

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