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This project was conducted by the "Training Revival and Sustenance Avenue" of RC Birla College on November 19, 2022.

1. Session was started by Rtr. Mayuresh Talashilkar.

2. Introductory session was conducted, all present members were asked to introduce themselves along with their reasons for joining Rotaract.

3. Then District TRS Director Rtr. Mayuresh Talashilkar talked about Rotaract being an international organisation and scope of Rotaract.

4. Then activity was conducted where present members were asked to Draw their dreams and present it in front of everyone.

5. Rtr. Mayuresh Talashilkar then talked about RI District 3142 and its history.

6. Core values of RID 3142 were shared with everyone.

7. At the end TRS Rtr. Mayuresh Talashilkar felicitated winners of activities with prizes.

8. Project was adjourned by President Rtr. Mayuresh Shirvadekar and Rtr. Mahima Barai.

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