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• Anyone is here who likes to make funny memes? Anyone who can make a person laungh with his/her funny memes? So, here "Webcom Avenue" of Rc Birla came with an amazing project "Memethon" conducted on 31st December, 2019. Purpose: • To recreate those memories that we had created together. • To inculcate the editing skills amongst the participants. • To increase the interaction between participants. Project Execution: • Before starting this project all the participants were given certain guidelines & instructions. • How to make memes? What should be the background & texture? All these queries were explained in instructions by the webcom directors. • All the participants were told to make atlest 2 memes inclusive of funny elements related to Rotaract memories. • What all the participants had to do is just to insert any funny pictures from Rotaract diaries & had to write some funny lines on it. • There was a great response coming from participants side as everyone was enjoying a lot in making memes. • We received a lot of funny & interesting memes out of which top 9 memes which were relatable posted on Instagram account of RC Birla.

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