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“Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.”

-Albus Dumbledore

Just like Dumbledore said, our project, Mind Matters was all about providing help for those

who need it and encouraging the supportive environment in our community.

On 10th October 2023, which is observed as World Mental Health Day, we conducted our project Mind Matters under the Public Relations and Marketing Avenue in collaboration with Mpower, a Mental Health Organisation.

The project aimed to create awareness among the youth as well as all the people in surrounding areas about the importance of Mental Health. We promoted the same by organizing a Peace March starting from our college, proceeding to RTO, going towards Sai Chowk, and then to Khadakpada. From Khadakpada, we returned to college.

We tried to spread knowledge about the negative effects of ignoring one’s Mental Health through the slogans that were specially made for this initiative. Mental Health is as crucial as physical health, benefits of maintaining good Mental Health, asking for help when needed, were some of the points highlighted in the initiative. There was a flashmob performed by the students to convey the importance of Mental Health.

This project was successful with a huge participation count of 630. It was a very heartwarming sight to see people take a step towards being there for each other, to support each other and to provide a listening ear.

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