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On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, our project, Nine Nights of Kindness was conducted under the Community Service Avenue. This project lasted for nine days reaching out to nine different communities.

The first venue was an Orphanage where the team members taught young kids the reason behind celebrating the festival. We also shared knowledge on the importance of different colours for different days and their significance. The children were overjoyed to have an opportunity to play Garba with so many people and enjoy delicious sweets.

The second venue was an Old Age Home. The senior citizens welcomed us with open arms and hearts full of love. They told us how it was their first-time playing Garba as most of them belonged to different cultures. One of the senior citizens also sang a melodious song and everyone joined him. We taught them how to play garba and the sight was indeed beautiful. The team left the Old Age Home after thanking the authorities and the senior citizens.

The third venue was an Interact school, Siddharth Madhyamik Vidyalaya. The children were very happy to meet us and dance to the beats of the music. We also educated the school children on the significance of the festival and its motive. The garba might have been filled with messy steps, but the hearts were full of joy and excitement. The fourth location was MJB Kaniya Vidyalaya. The motive of celebrating Navratri here was to experience the essence of the festival with children from a Gujarati school, Gujarat being the place where Garba is most famous for. The fifth place where we conducted our project was a Transgender Organisation. They shared their experience of not being able to play garba with the community due to their unacceptance in the society. We worshipped the goddess prior with an Aarti and then proceeded to play garba. The transgender people were very sweet and supportive.

The sixth location was Sai Baba Education Trust of Mentally Challenged Children. The children were very excited to play garba with us and even more excited to try new steps. They were smart enough to pick up on the steps and played garba very enthusiastically. Those moments where we got a chance to bring a smile on someone’s face really made our day joyful.

The seventh venue was a Slum Area where we gathered to play Garba with the underprivileged community. The senior people of that place educated us on the history behind the festival. Playing garba with them was very uplifting. The eighth venue was a Women’s Organisation. As Navratri is a festival of celebrating and worshiping the nine goddess for nine days the team thought of celebrating it with the Women's organisation. There were games like musical chairs organised for the women. After the Aarti and games, everyone played garba. It was an amazing to see the epitome of sacrifice, grace, and love, all the women showcased while dancing their heart out and enjoying themselves. As RC Birla is a family that stays together, learns together, and grows together, the Chairpersons thought of having a Navratri celebration together on the Ninth day.  The team gathered at the venue and was all set to dance their heart out. It created a sense of togetherness and strengthened the unity of the team.


It was a beautiful project where 9 different communities came together for one mission to serve the community and spread love.

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