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Suraksha Ka Bandhan 8.0

The project, Suraksha ka Bandhan 8.0 was conducted on 28th August and 29th August. It was under the Community Service Avenue. Rotaract Club of B. K. Birla College celebrated their Raksha Bandhan with the Frontline workers. The aim was to appreciate and support the efforts they take for us, skipping festivals with their families to ensure our safety.

On 28th August, the team visited Siddharth Madhyamik Vidyalaya to handcraft greeting cards. The excitement on the children’s faces to be doing an art and craft activity was a joyful sight to witness. The children were briefed about the motive of the project by the team.

After a workshop of greeting card making, they created some beautiful cards. Some cards contained sketches of the Police officers while others had a message written down on them. Those little hands resulted in the creation of some very big and wonderful notes. These cards were collected by the team to be given to the designated people on the following day.

This year the team decided to take this flagship project one step ahead with the addition of celebration with the Blind Factory workers as well as the children of an orphanage. On 29th August, the team gathered at National Association of Blinds. The factory Manager provided information regarding the work of the blind people and the factory. After that, all the blind workers were guided towards a hall and they were tied Rakhis by the team members. The workers also shared their skills of poetry recital and singing with the team. Experiencing the people with less to no sight at all work brilliantly and without any errors gave rise to a sense of inspiration among the team.

The team was then divided to visit the Police Officers and the Fire Fighters. Both the male and female staff were tied Rakhis by the members of the team and thanked for their never-ending efforts. Sweets were shared and blessings were taken from them. The team expressed their gratitude to the officers for always being there to ensure our Suraksha and thus, the Bandhan was a very sacred one. The officers were very content with receiving the greetings cards from the little children and reading their heart-warming messages.

The last meeting point was an orphanage where the team taught the young kids how to celebrate the festival in a traditional way. The kids were overjoyed on getting opportunity of celebration. They played games with the team and shared their stories.

The team left the orphanage with their hearts full of gratitude and mind filled with soul-nourishing memories for life.

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