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A person who is able to make different different things from the available/unused resources is really a person with repository of qualities. This project was conducted by the " Creative Avenue" of the RC Birla on 23rd October 2019 at B.K. Birla college from 10.00 am to 12:00 pm. Purpose: • This project "Prajvalan" was conducted aiming to make handmade kandils & Frames. • These handmade kandils & frames were made for the purpose of giving to the people residing in old age home. • To bring smiles on their faces. Project Execution: • Firstly the Directors had arranged the basic stationeries, colour paper & cardboard material etc. • The groups were formed & each groups were consisting of 3 members. • Guidance for making kandils were provided by the Creative Directors to the team members. • Then everyone had started making the kandils in their respective groups. • Total seven kandils were made. • After that the kandils were decorated by the glitter tapes & stickers. • Everyone had a great fun & enjoyed a lot during the project. • After the fruitful end of the project these kandils were taken to old age home. • Total attendance for the project was: 13

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