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Sangharsh 3.0

Sangharsh means struggle. We all work hard because we strive for success. We believe success means a lot for us as individuals. But what when it comes to those who are willing to work hard but they don't have enough sources for initiating their work.

Looking up to this, our Entrepreneurship Development Director came up with an initiative named 'Sangharsh 3.0'. An extraordinary initiative to help people to start their business. This project was conducted in three parts. They were as follows:-

Part 1:- Small scale business of hawkers and vendors which were harshly affected by lockdown. So the cause behind this initiative was to help them by selling their products. This initiative was successfully executed and we helped a local vendor, Mr Suresh Adhgale to sell his days on the occasion of Diwali.

Part 2:- This was conducted to know the struggles confronted by hawkers and street vendors during the lockdown. Here the General Body Members(GBMs) were instructed to visit the local shops and to have communication with them about their journey and struggles they contradicted while building up their small scale business.

Well! Before going towards phase 3.

What do you think?

Why do beggars choose to beg instead of earning money?

Because few people are unable to work due to physical disorder and thus they are being forced to beg all the time. Many of them don't want to work so they prefer begging all the time. But fortunately, some people have the potential to work but they can't. So here is part 3 of Sangharsh 3.0.

In the third part, Team sangharsh approached panhandlers and asked them whether they want to work or not. They convinced a disabled beggar at Kalyan station to work and earn. A set of masks and sanitisers were provided to him so that he can sell them and earn for himself.

The entire project 'Sangharsh 3.0' was faultlessly executed. Kudos to the team who stepped out of their home in such a pandemic situation for being a part of this project.

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