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Sweet Flower

This project was conducted by an "International Service Avenue" of RC Birla on 10th May, 2020.


• To express respect, honour & love towards mothers by cooking their favourite dish.

On the occasion of "Mother's Day" :

• International service Directors conducted this project.

• As we all know, mother's are precious gift from God. Mother's love for her child can't be compared with anything.

• There is no doubt that Words will fall less if people have started saying about their mothers.

• To celebrate this special day directors asked the participants to cook food which is favourite of their mothers.

• And also share the picture or video of that gleaming moment.

• Mothers were tasting the food cooked by their children's & giving them scores.

• All the participants clicked selfie with their mother holding the dish & submitted it to the directors.

• We recieved almost 17 videos & were got posted on club's official Instagram page.

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