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The Blind Medium

Updated: May 27, 2020

This project was conducted by an "International Service Avenue" of Rc Birla college on 13th February,2020 at Bookmark cafe.


• To celebrate World Radio Day.

• To connect people.

• To provide a platform to the GBM's to showcase their hidden talents.

On the occasion of World Radio Day:

• Radio is considered as powerful medium to bring communities together & alimentation of positive parley for change.

• Radio is offering a wide variety of programs, viewpoints & content, & reflect the diversity of viewers in their operations.

• On the day, team members, GBM's, non- rotaractors gathered at the venue for the logistics arrangements.

• There was an dispensation of various game rounds.Such as Question answer round, music round & open mic.

• People were free to express their views, feelings, poems, hidden talents in front of people during the open mic round.

• This was followed by the question answer round, wherein, the one who is willing to answer had to answer the questions asked by the Rj of the radio show.

• Then, next round was music round, the person being called had to guess the song, if he failed to do it then he had to do some task. This led to laughter & people delighted the event a lott.

• There was an income of RS. 2980 without making any expense.

Project attendance of this project was 50.

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