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The Survivor

This project was conducted by an "International Service Avenue" of Rc Birla college on 24th January,2020.


• To spread awareness towards self defence.

• To educate people about self defence through social media.

Project Execution:

• Self defence is a technique which involves defending the health & saving oneself from harm.

• It is helpful especially for, empowering women with the idea that they have both right & ability to protect themselves.

• This project was conducted on the occasion of world education day.

• Firstly, the directors collected all the information about weapons through various sources.

• All the informations were gathered about weapons from the sources like Google, informative books, general knowledge etc.

• Collected information about weapons were including paper spray, slingshot, sand weapon, hairspray, sock weapon etc.

• Once the directors are done with the collection of all the information, it was posted on our Instagram handle.

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