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Say Day

This project was conducted by an "International Service Avenue" of Rc Birla college on 21st march,2020.


• To examine the linguistic skills of participants.

• To spread awareness about the current situation by encouraging participants to showcase their emotions through poems.

Project Execution:

• Poetry is an art form through which writer can share thousands of messages, emotions etc.

• It's an amazing form of writing. A language which we believe, we know & transforms it in a most creative manner results in an exalted writings.

• This project was conducted on the occasion of world poetry day.

• What participants had to do is just to share their emotions on current scenario through their writings i.e poems.

• There was a great response from participant's side & we received more than 35 poems.

• Out of which 5 best poems got selected & were posted on official Instagram page of club.

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