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9 Reasons Why

It's been months since we are in quarantine and we got lot of time for thinking and we thought why not to focus on some major issues and create awareness about them. So, here our PR and Marketing directors are up with unique initiative '9 REASONS WHY'.

Topics being covered:

*REASONS WHY We need to stop consuming harmful substances ( alcohol, cigarette ,tobacco,drugs,etc)*

As we all know smoking, drinking, drugs, alcohol, etc have worst impact on our body. A cigarette contains 4800 chemicals out of them 69 may trigger cancer. In every six second one person dies due to tobacco consumption. Smoking increases lung cancer chance in men by 25 times,whereas by 25.7 times in women. It also results in forming blockages in blood vessels turning them thicker and narrower. Alcohol and drugs may provide short-term relief when you are anxious,but leads to rebound anxiety (which is worse) and several health issues like, strokes, brain shrinkage, loss of co-ordination, cancer, ulcer, infertility, etc.

So, if you wanna live safe and healthy life, try avoiding these substances.

*REASONS WHY We need to control our Population*

Is India exploited in population? Yes. Exploited population isn't really good and it's high time we work on controlling population. In over population, economy isn't capable of coping up with increasing demand of its population. When population is well-maintained everyone will be able to have proper education, medical and infrastructure facilities. Large population size contributes to the contamination of air, water, and agricultural areas. Hence certain measures should to taken to control overpopulation. It will be beneficial for both human being as well for our mother nature.

*REASONS WHY We need to save water*

Ninety-seven percent of all water on the earth is salt water, which is not suitable for drinking.

‌Only 3% of water on Earth is fresh water, and only 0.5% is available for drinking.

‌The other 2.5% of fresh water is locked in ice caps, glaciers, the atmosphere, soil, or under the earth's surface, or is too polluted for consumption.

‌Many parts of the world suffer from clean water shortage.Conserving water is important because it keeps water pure and clean while protecting the environment. Conserving water means using our water supply wisely and be responsible. Overall Preservance of environment and human life depend on water. As every individual depends on water for livelihood, we must learn how to keep our limited supply of water pure and away from pollution.

*REASONS WHY We need to care for our Mental Health*

As a human being it's our nature to care about our look, we thrive to be fit, we do diets, gym, etc.We spend lot of money and time to keep our physical health on track. But we sometimes neglect our mental health because who cares what's inside. But according to WHO, One is said to be healthy only when the person is both Physically and Mentally fit. Mental health helps us to stay positive and be more productive. We must lead a life where we shouldn't suffer from mental pain and agony. Being anxious, stressed or depressed may lead to the suicidal thoughts.

*REASONS WHY We need to use Indian Products*

Recently, we all have came across the word ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT. Well it isn't new term, it was always there.Its just became very popular in this pandemic. So by using Indian products our import will be minimized, our currency will remain in our country, our GDP will go up, demand of Indian products will be increased which will directly generate employment. Plus our products are rich, classic, unique and eco-friendly.

Our single contribution will be a huge help to our country in this pandemic and after that.

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