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Aala re Aala installation Aala (Installation)


• This project was conducted aiming to induct the upcoming team 2019-20

Project Execution:

"Aala re Aala installation Aala" this project was conducted by "Club service" Avenue of RC Birla on 16th August, 2019 from 10:15 am to 12:30 pm at New seminar hall, B.k. Birla college.

Steps Taken:

• Firstly we had booked the venue for the project & sent all the invitations to the members & invited them to join us in celebrating the upcoming year.

• Our chief guest was chairman HRD RTR. Adil khan, Guest of honour RTR. Jitesh karya had shown their presence in the ceremony.

• Falicitation of all the dignitaries , Award ceremony , beat boxing performance was presented for the entertainment purpose.

• The outgoing of RTR. Shivam Yadav & his team was the most emotional part.

•Then RTR. Pratik Singh gave his acceptance speech.

• After the acceptance speech the year theme was released. Then president introduced the team 2019-20.

• Advisory committee & Rotary president honourable RTN. Jitesh karya addressed the crowd & conveyed their message.

• The the end vote of thanks was given by RTR. Rutuja bhosale & first secretarial announcement was done by RTR. Ramya murgesan.

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