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This project was conducted by the "Club Service Avenue" of RC Birla College on August 14, 2022 at 5:30 AM.

To strengthen ties between members of RC Thane Central and RC Birla College.

1) People boarded the CSMT-Karjat F (5:46 AM) train from their respective stops or wherever they felt most comfortable doing so, as per the conversation.

2) We arrived at Neral Railway Station at 7:30 AM and counted the number of members who had arrived, which came to 17. Two of our members arrived by car and later joined us.

3) Following the counting, we ate breakfast and departed for our destination.

4) We got a taxi up to Junction 134 in order to get to Peb Fort. We used the Toy Train route to travel to the Kadyavarcha Ganpati route after getting off.

5) Around noon, after much hiking and trailing, we made it to the summit.

6) We visited the temple, had lunch, took a lot of pictures, and assisted a wounded man in cleaning and bandaging his wound. Two of our members who arrived by car joined us at this point.

7) Following lunch, we had an introductory session during which each participant gave a brief introduction of themselves.

8) Following that, we started to descend.

9) Around 4:30 PM, we arrived at Matheran Gate.

10) We took a taxi there once again, and it dropped us off at the Neral Railway Station.

11) At our convenience, we rode trains to our various train stations.

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