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Shahi Virasat - 15th Installation Ceremony

The Rotaract Club of B. K. Birla College organized its 15th Installation on August 5th, 2023. The theme for the ceremony was 'Shahi Virasat'. The Ceremony was graced by Rtr. Rtn.ushmita Valecha Bhatia (District Rotaract Representative-3142) and Rtn. Ram Marathe (President - Rotary Club of Kalyan).

The Ceremony highlighted the tiring efforts of Team 22-23 while motivating the new team 23-24 to lead the club with same pride and zeal. The atmosphere was filled with mixed emotions that was very special for each Rotaractor who came to witness this day. The outgoing ceremony of Rtr. Mayuresh Shirvadekar and his team was hosted by Rtr. Shyamnarayan Shukla and Rtr. Shreya Makkalageri who welcomed and cordially extended their warm wishes to the gathering.

The Ceremony continued with the collaring of the president year for the year 2022-23 Rtr. Mayuresh Shirvadekar. Certificates of year completion for the year 22-23 and special honors were presented for the previous team who had immensely contributed to the rotaract movement. To relive all the memorable team experiences from the past, a heartfelt farewell video was presented depicting the efforts of the team for the year which created an emotional moment for team 22-23 and marked the end of outgoing ceremony.

Rtr. Dushyant Nimkar and Rtr. Vaishnavi Deshpande took charge as a new masters of ceremony for the incoming of Rtr. Bhavna Baphedia and her team. A surprise performance was performed to introduce the incoming president which filled her with pride. Rtr. Mayuresh Shirvadekar handed over the responsibility and authority of the club by transferring the club collar and assets to the new president.

After her acceptance speech, President Rtr. Bhavna Baphedia disclosed the year theme and briefed about its importance for Rotaract Year 2023-24. This was followed by the induction of the executive committee and board of directors for R.I.Y 23-24.

Rtn. Ram Marathe, our guest of honour, motivated the rotaractors to do more to the community with more creative mind and also using the technological resources to the fullest.

It is said that without the leader , the workers work in vain, it was now time to hear to the leader of the Rotaract movement of 3142 Rtr. Rtn. Sushmita Valecha Bhatia, a charismatic speaker who spoke about the vision of this movement for this year while ensuring each Rotaractor that the district team is there to encourage and help each club meet their goals ethically.

The ceremony marked its end by creating beautiful memories that would be cherished in the history of this club to be the most decorated installation ever.

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