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This project was conducted by the "Club Service Avenue" of RC Birla College on July 9, 2022.

The chairperson introduced themselves and explained the purpose of the project.

The project was divided into two parts:


(i) Here, the team members and the previous year’s team were shuffled, and teams were formed consisting of one current-year team member and one previous-year team member.

(ii) At the start, participants were given 5 minutes.

(iii) Each member had to introduce their partners and mention something they got to know about them.


(i) The teams remained the same as in the previous activity. In this game, participants had to blow balloons to build a tower of cups, avoiding touching the cups with their hands.

(ii) The time limit was 2 minutes, and if they drew additional attention, 30 seconds were given.

(iii) There were a total of 12 teams of two members each, of which six won and advanced to the next round.

(iv) This activity generated a lot of enjoyment among the participants. Previously, it was tough for certain members since the towers were collapsing.

(v) In the second round, six teams competed against each other, with three teams advancing to the next round.

(vi) There was a final round among the three teams for first and second place, using the same regulations as before. However, deciding the winners in this round took a while.

(vii) Finally, we had our winners, and the prizes were distributed to the winning and runner-up teams.

(viii) The project was concluded around 2:30 PM by the chairperson, who thanked everyone.

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