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Colours Of Life

This project was conducted by the "Community Service Avenue" of RC Birla College on September 30, 2022.

To make children happy by spending time with them in a meaningful way and by organising extracurricular activities at that school.

1) Directors and team members arrived one hour early to set-up the things.

2) Team had a rehearsal of the students before the event started.

3) Team members invited the teaching staff of the school for the project.

4) Project started with the collaring of the President at 11:00 AM.

5) MOC greeted the guest and started off the event.

6) MOC invited the principal to speak few words.

7) Then first activity began, DRAMA. In drama there were total 9 girls, they had dress-up like Durga Mata and also have to give a short speech on it. Everyone enjoyed, kids were shy and nerves while talking but at the end they all were happy.

8) Second activity began, SINGING

 There were total 13 girls for the singing which sent really good.

9) Third activity was danc, there few boys and girls from primary section for the dance

 They managed do it so perfectly that the kids didn’t stopped clapping.

10) Forth activity was musical chair

11) Fifth activity was GARBA DANCE, everyone enjoyed it and were happy.

12) We distributor chocolate to all student and stuff and team number

13) VP give the vote of thanks to principal.

14) Secretarial announcement.

15) President and chairperson give the thank you letters to principal

16) President adjourned the project.

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Dheeraj Shekhawat
Dheeraj Shekhawat
Sep 04, 2023


Dheeraj Shekhawat
Dheeraj Shekhawat
Sep 04, 2023
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