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Ek Nivala

This project was conducted by the "Community Service Avenue" of Rotaract Club of Birla College.


• To collect the excess food from individuals, community, restaurants etc.

• To bestow the collected excess food to needy people.


• "Ek Nivala" it's a flagship project of RC Birla.

• The main tenet of conducting this project was to eradicate hunger, malnutrition & food wastages.

• This project was conducted in collaboration with Prajwal Maruti Waingankar who is the founder of Ek Nivala app.

• With the help of this app one can easily dial the helplines & they will come nearest to your location & will collect the food & distribute it to the needy people.

• Rc Birla has served more than 200 needy people & brought a smile on their face.

• We used to collect the leftover food from the events happening in college & during the club projects.

• After that we used to distribute it nearest to the wanting people.

• The glimpse of this project was posted on club's official page.

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