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Guiding Angel

Nowadays, people are so busy in settling their life and so they prefer living in a nuclear family. There are many more reasons for the decrease in the number of joint households.

Urbanisation and industrialization are the two major reasons for the disintegration of joint households. People move to an urban area to earn a living. Also, workers migrate to towns and cities in search of employment opportunities. Western culture has given rise to a separatist tendency of young men and women.

But do you all know what are we missing in this rapidly changing world?

Our Grandparents. Yes, they are a valuable part of our life. They have so many stories and experiences from their own lives to share. Children's more often listen to their grandparents rather than their parents or other adults. Grandparents also offer a link to a child's cultural heritage and family history. We visit our grandparents home during summer vacation or else on some occasions. Due to this children can't interact with their grandparents. They can't share their feelings for them.

One of the most important gifts that grandparents give their grandchildren is unconditional love. To overcome from this situation. Our Partner In Service Directors of "Rotaract Club Of Birla College" came up with an initiative named as 'Guiding Angels'.

• This project was conducted by Rotaract Club of Birla College with their Parent Rotary Club i.e Rotary Club of Kalyan and Senior Citizens Club i.e Jyestha Nagrik Sangha on 7th and 8th August.

• The project was conducted virtually on ZOOM application.

• On 7th August 2020, we shared a template of bingo on our official Instagram handle i.e @rcbirla_

• Our team and buddy rotaractors participated in the bingo activity and they shared the template on their own Instagram handle.

• On 8th August, a zoom meeting was conducted with the grandparents.

(1) Grandparents were welcomed with a warm greeting by us.

(2) The project was commenced at 7 pm after collaring of the President, Rtr. Shashant Singh.

(3) Then our partner in service directors started with the questionnaire. They asked different questions related to life experience, moral values, etc.

(4) Grandparents shared a lot of beautiful memories and the most precious moments of their life.

(5) Rotarians and senior citizens taught us the importance of the grandparents in our life. They asked us to be interactive with our grandparents at home and not to leave them alone.

(6) After the questionnaire, "Gaano ki mehfil" was performed where some emotional songs were dedicated to them.

(7) The session ended at 8:20 pm with a surprise for our Parent Rotary Club i.e we will convey birthday wishes to them to make them feel special.

(8) The project ended successfully with a delight of happiness among the senior citizens.

Pic credit:- Google images.


Rtr. Prachi Pandey

Editor 2020-21,

Rotaract Club Of Birla College.

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