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Interactors Got Talent 4.0

Interact - what is it?

Interact stands for International Action.It is a kind of junior Rotary Club for young people between the ages of 14 and 18 years. All Interact Clubs are part of the Rotary International organization and every club must be sponsored by a Rotary Club. Most Interact Clubs are based in schools but in some parts of the world they are in villages and towns as part of the community.

There are over 10,700 Interact Clubs around the world in about 109 countries with a total membership of about 250,000 so, as soon as a new club starts, its members become part of a large international family, all with one thing in common – to serve their communities in whatever way seems best.

Interact club members are known as Interactors; they have fun while carrying out service projects and learning about the world.

Looking up to this, Partners in Service Directors of "Rotaract Club of Birla College" came up with an amazing initiative named 'Interactors Got Talent' commenced in the Presidential year of Rtr. Shivam Yadav in 2018-19. The fundamental concept behind this project is to develop intellectual skills, build confidence and have fun sessions with Interactors.

In the year 2018-19, Interactors Got Talent was led by Rtr. Ajay Hindurao and Rtr. Zikra Shaikh and was nominated in ‘AARA 2019’.

In the year 2019-20, Interactors Got Talent 2.0 was led by Rtr. Pooja Waghela, Rtr. Priyanka Bandgar and Rtr. Sanjana Kanojia and won ‘Acer’ in ‘AARA 2020’.

In the year 2020-21, Interactors Got Talent 3.0 was led by Rtr. Falguni Khandelwal and Rtr. Shweta Wasarwad and won ‘Acer’ in ‘AARA 2021’.

In the year 2020-21, Interactors Got Talent was entitled as one of our Flagship projects.

In 2020, Interactors Got Talent 3.0 was held online on a grand level. Interactors Got Talent 3.0 was conducted with four different Interact clubs of District 3142 and one Interact club Wings Scouts of RID 3080 covering 800+ participants. It included activities such as Newspaper art and Ultimate logo quiz, Mandala art, Intelligence Quotient test, Rangmanch, Pictorials and Menstrual hygiene session for girls.

Interactors Got Talent 4.0 is going to be led by Rtr. Harsh Tiwari and Rtr. Shivani Pandey, Partners in Service Directors of Rotaract Club of Birla College for the year 2021-22.

This year Interactors Got Talent 4.0 will reach out to more Interactors in the Country. We will soon be releasing participated Interact clubs experience on our social media handles, so stay tuned.

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