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The village is a pride of India. When the word “village” first comes to mind, we imagine a lush green field and unpolluted environment. A place where we visit during our vacations whenever we feel tired or we need a break from our busy life. It is always far away from the pollution and noise of the city. Around more than 70% of India’s population resides in villages. Likewise, villages are the main source of food and agricultural products that we consume. At present, there are a total of 6,64,369 villages in India but many of them are still underdeveloped. Infrastructural facilities, education, hygiene and sanitation quality in a village is considerably poor and should be taken care of. Even they are still not familiar with the new methods of net banking and farming.

Looking up to this, Community Service Directors of "Rotaract Club of Birla College" came up with an amazing initiative named 'Manasvini'. This project was inaugurated in Rtr. Prathamesh Chalke's Presidential Year 2014-15. The fundamental concept behind this project is to adopt a village and to work for its betterment.

Now, Manasvini is a Flagship Project.

In 2019, Manasvini 6.0 was conducted in three phases at Nhave Sasane, Murbad. Phase 1 consisted of Career guidance and technical knowledge. Phase 2 was conducted for breast cancer awareness session and checkup for village women. Phase 3 was conducted to make the villagers aware of various farming schemes. Every year 500+ villagers are assisted through this project.

To continue the legacy of manasvini, Our Community Service Directors are up with Manasvini 7.0 at Waghera pada.

This year we are going to cover the above-mentioned things:-

1. Zero Balance Bank Account

2. Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Drive

3. Health Checkup Campaign

4. Origami workshop for children

5. Motivational session for Goal Orientation.

All these will be executed for the upliftment of rural areas. You just need to step out of your home with little efforts and then see the change!

Stay tuned on our official Instagram handle (i.e @rcbirla_) to know more about Manasvini 7.0

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